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Convert t-addreses (Z-Cash transparent address) [0x1c,0xb8] Address can be specified as get-parameter in url: this_page.html?address=t1f7qW3mmcsEeoFKyTmoX8gqrSNZUaDv6c6#t_addr

b-address or t-address (without spaces and another symbols):

Validation address (checksum):

Converted address:
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XOR formules ---> a XOR b = b XOR a = c;(a XOR b) XOR b = a; A XOR B = (A or (NOT B)) and (A or (not B))

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Download Keyfile for encrypt/decrypt through OpenSSL or TrueCrypt

encrypt command line: openssl enc -aes-256-cbc -salt -in secret.txt -out secret.enc -kfile keyfile_name.txt (or -k password)
decrypt command line: openssl enc -d -aes-256-cbc -in secret.enc > secret.txt -k password (or -kfile keyfile_name.txt)
Also you can use keyfile for encryption and decryption in TrueCrypt. (Latest stable version is 7.1a).

And... You can use this browser client-side cryptor: javascript-file-encrypter (download zip available)
There is need password only and you can use this hash.
Frame here: